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The best natural skincare for each skin type

The best natural skincare for each skin type
These days, there are thousands of skincare products available and trendy natural ingredients popping up all over our news feeds. With so many options, it might be daunting to figure out what’s best for you. After all, no two people have the exact same skin. So where can you start? It makes sense to find skincare products that are especially suited to you. Here’s some help from us about how to find natural, botanical skincare that will achieve visible change and your healthiest, best as your skin can be yet.

Determine your skin type and skin concerns

When you’re on the hunt for a new skincare product, first consider two things: your unique skin type and your specific skin concerns, whether that’s dark spots, dryness, sagging, lines, pimples or a combination of any of these. There are tons of natural ingredients out there that can perform wonders for skin—but one that targets one issue, like blemishes, may not work as effectively for something like fine lines (although there are plenty of versatile botanical ingredients that can tackle many issues at once). Ultimately, knowing what your skin needs is the best place to start your search.
Keep in mind it’s quite common to have more than one skin type or concern. For instance, it’s possible for your skin to be both dehydrated and oily at the same time. It’s also possible to see fine lines as your skin matures while having the occasional breakout like you did when you were a teen.
And remember skin, like the weather, is capricious and ever-changing. It may become dry and itchy in the winter months, then get oily, congested or sun-damaged in the summer. Stress can also affect your skin in a number of ways. External stressors like pollution or UV rays and internal stressors like emotional stress or hormone fluctuations can all lead to visible skin changes. And as we get older, our skin can become thinner, drier and more prone to damage.
Rest assured though, whatever skin type and concerns you have, no matter what season or age, there’s a nourishing botanical that will help soothe, revive and protect it.
Read on to discover some of our favourite natural skincare ingredients for each skin type.

Choose the best natural ingredients for your skin type

Once you’ve identified your skin type and how you’d like to improve it, you can start looking for the best natural botanical ingredients to nurture it. Consider these options.
For dry, dehydrated or mature skin types
Is your skin dry, flaky or dehydrated? Is it mature and beginning to show fine lines, wrinkles or sagging? If so, it could definitely benefit from a boost of hydration, added moisture and protection.
Marula, jojoba and rosehip oils are godsends for this skin type since they replenish and balance moisture like no other, while keeping skin resilient. Combination and sensitive skin can also benefit from these ultra nourishing ingredients:
  • Marula nut oil is a powerhouse ingredient, which helps restore skin’s moisture and maximize its radiance, firmness and suppleness.[1] Beloved in Kenya by the local Masaai women (who are known for their supple and glowing skin), marula oil boasts a rich and unique concentration of essential fatty acids that reinforce skin’s lipid barrier (the uppermost layer), locking in moisture and preventing evaporation. Marula oil can also help protect skin’s collagen and elastin, two proteins responsible for keeping skin smooth and bouncy
  • Jojoba, which is texturally similar to skin’s natural serum, offers both moisturizing and anti inflammatory properties to soothe irritation while quenching even the thirstiest of skin
  • Rosehip features fatty acids and antioxidants such as tocopherols and carotenoids. Its high concentration of antioxidants helps combat skin inflammation and oxidative stress caused by free radicals, which are unstable molecules that damage cells (and expedite the formation of telltale ageing signs)
For oily, acne prone and/or sensitive skin
Whether your skin tends to break out when you’re stressed or you’re constantly powdering your T zone, having irritated, acne prone skin will require some gentle calming action.
Kigelia, lactobacillus and orange and lemon extracts help balance oily skin and soothe damage caused by acne with their anti inflammatory, pore clearing and cell regenerating properties. Combination skin can also benefit from these ingredients.
  • Kigelia africana fruit extract, traditionally used by Southern Africans to heal and soothe skin concerns, is perfect for damaged and acne prone skin thanks to its natural antibacterial, anti inflammatory and wound healing properties. Even if you’re not experiencing breakouts, Kigelia africana helps to strengthen stressed out skin because of its DNA repairing, cell regenerating qualities
  • Lactobacillus is a “friendly” bacteria that resides on skin as well as in your gut. Also known as a natural probiotic, it’s best known to help quell inflammation, balance the skin and is valued for helping to relieve irritation associated with acne breakouts
  • Orange and lemon extracts, when used in small, safe quantities, help normalize oily areas and clear blocked pores while fighting bacteria
For dull or sun damaged skin
Too much fun in the sun, sleep deprivation, stress and eating processed foods can all contribute to a lackluster complexion. On the flip side, truly healthy and nourished skin looks alive and glows. If your skin is looking on the duller side, it may need some repair and extra protection.
To help rejuvenate dull or sun damaged skin, look for ingredients high in vitamin C, like Camu camu fruit extract, as well as ferulic acid, green and black tea extracts and CoQ10.
  • Camu camu is an Amazonian superfruit so high in vitamin C it rivals the C content in acai berry. This “natural highlighter” harnesses its extraordinary antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to reduce hyperpigmentation, even out skin tone and bring back luminosity to gloomy looking skin
  • Ferulic acid is a potent plant-based antioxidant that helps tackle the visible effects of oxidative stress, which is triggered primarily by UV damage. It also helps to enhance the free radical neutralizing effects of vitamin C and E to protect the skin
  • Green and black tea extracts contain two phytochemicals (catechins and theaflavins) that give it its extremely potent antioxidant power, helping to re-enliven and reinforce skin
  • CoQ10, or ubiquinone, helps reduce pigmentation (sun spots or age spots) associated with sun-damaged skin by reducing the skin’s melanin content

Look for effective, targeted botanicals

As you can see, the fastest way to a revitalized complexion is to choose what “speaks” directly to your skin. At LUXE Botanics, we go that step further, as we believe not only in selecting the highest quality natural ingredients, but those that are targeted to solve specific skin concerns and have been clinically proven to make a visible difference.
Naturally yours,
The LUXE Botanics Team

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