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Why we believe that nature is the ultimate innovator

Why we believe that nature is the ultimate innovator
For as long as humankind has existed, we’ve relied on nature as a source of sustenance, nourishment and inspiration. And while our existence has been punctuated with manmade innovations that have diverted our attention, there’s one truth we inevitably and always return to. We have co-existed with nature from the start and survived all this time because she has been the ultimate innovator all along.
It was Albert Einstein who said, “Look into nature and you’ll understand everything better.”
And as the father of modern theory, we’re not going to argue. We need look no further than our own backyard to find the innovation we seek. All of nature’s biggest problems can be solved by looking into her patterns. She is innately harmonious, symbiotic and designed to thrive. This is why at LUXE Botanics, we let nature be our guide.
As we start 2019 with a redefined new look, the inspiration behind this is a more-fervent-than-ever resolve to bring nature back to the forefront. Today we’re sharing how we're bringing her greatest innovations to you:

Transformational Botanicals

Have you ever wondered why people who live the closest to nature seem to enjoy the most flawless complexions and gorgeous hair? Nature offers everything your body needs to grow—and glow.
We’ve scoured the globe to identify the most effective skincare ingredients to heal, hydrate and brighten, and unearthed three transformative botanicals that offer the most pure and potent nourishment to skin.
These botanicals—Marula, Camu Camu and Kigelia—are not only the highest-performing, skin ingredients from nature, but they are also clinically researched and scientifically backed.

  • Marula protects skin’s youthful integrity, single-handedly restoring and balancing natural moisture levels to improve tone, firmness and elasticity leaving skin perfectly hydrated, uplifted and radiant.
  • Camu Camu imparts a luminous glow to skin, bursting with more vitamin C than acai berry to brighten, even out skin tone and repair damage caused by environmental stress.
  • Kigelia possesses transformative natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and DNA-repairing powers to purify pores while calming, renewing and firming skin.
We have co-existed with plants from the beginning, so it’s no surprise that nature already yields what we need, creating substances that, down to their very molecules, help revitalize every cell of our skin.

 Leading-Edge Green Technology

At LUXE Botanics, we believe the most intelligent approach to creating pioneering green skincare is to allow nature to teach us and to wisely observe and learn from her.  After all, nature is consciously always choosing the most efficient path. Below are some ways we harness green technology to formulate our advanced natural lines:
  • Green Chemistry: To achieve maximum effectiveness and microdelivery of botanicals to the skin, we identify and isolate their key nutrients while also ensuring their synergy with other natural ingredients within each formula. Every ingredient has a skin benefitting purpose.
  • Conscious Innovation: From our ingredients and formulas to our packaging and manufacturing practices, we always return to our two core beliefs: science and sustainability. We make sure each product contains the best nature and science has to offer, using cutting edge technology to create plant derived ingredients that avoids the harsh or animal derived compounds commonly found in skincare. We want your skin to be at its peak radiance without relying on unnecessary or damaging chemicals.

Full Lifecycle Sustainability

Nature is never wasteful, allowing all her precious resources to be used for exactly what they’re needed for, maintaining the perfect balance of give and take.
We challenge ourselves every day to mimic this beautifully perfect balance.
For instance, we prioritize wild-harvested and certified-organic botanicals. We collaborate directly with harvesters to ensure fair-trade working conditions and ethical practices. We commit to product and packaging transparency. And for every product purchased, we uplift communities in Africa through our Buy1Give1 initiative. All of this helps safeguard the environment from which we source our Global Botanicals, so nature can continue to thrive prolifically.
LUXE Botanics is proud to honour and celebrate the intelligence and information we can draw from nature in order to create the most effective skincare that uplifts you and others. We hope you’re just as in awe as we are of her innovations.
Naturally yours,
The LUXE Botanics Team

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