The Marula Hydrating Range delivers the strongest-possible defence against dryness and visible aging. The collection focuses on core botanical Marula oil, which boasts the astonishing ability to single-handedly address multiple causes of aging, including loss of elasticity, firmness and natural moisture. Results include perfectly hydrated, uplifted and radiantly healthy-looking skin that reflects a youthful resilience. The range is ideal for dry, ageing and sensitive skin types.

Beautiful Skin Results

A rich bouquet of antioxidants fights free radicals while an extremely high content of omega-9 fatty acids ensures it absorbs beautifully into skin to quell inflammation and promote healing. Infuses a surge of balanced hydration for smooth, radiant skin, while strengthening the natural lipid barrier and promoting elasticity, firmness and suppleness. Antimicrobial properties reduce bacteria build up, while sterols detoxify pores.


 I loved how gentle, yet effective the Marula collection is.” – Stephanie Ann Ferguson, säf artistry

 “The [Marula] hydrating range gets a big tick from me.” – Create.Love.Heal