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The Intrepid Beauty Series: Meet Sammie Colletta Kolk


The Secret Diary of an Intrepid Beauty

Can you believe it? It’s been a year since we officially stepped into the clean beauty spotlight. Where has the time gone? Hands down, and hey, why not hands up too, it’s been a joy sharing with you our love of all things skincare, wellness and the science behind this. Thanks for sticking around when we got nerdy!
On our ventures, we’ve met some pretty incredible individuals who are climbing new horizons making a better world. How awesome is that? Women and men following their own path, connecting new dots and leaving little nuggets of wisdom along the way.
So we couldn’t keep it a secret any longer. We just had to share with you (because sharing is caring) our chronicles of these adventurers. Each is an insight into little catalysts for change or simply the contentment of knowing who you are and expressing gratitude for the small things in life.
So without further ado, meet our first Intrepid Beauty, Sammie Colletta Kolk, aka clean beauty blogger hullosam. She’s a self confessed obessessive when it comes to skincare (um, we can relate) and will be no stranger to all you lovers of all things green out there. A few of her favourite things include: her family, the beach, a good lipstick, spin class and all things musical - a girl after our own heart.
Here’s what Sammie had to say...
What one word best describes you? Passionate
What’s your superpower? And your weakness? (because we’re all human) Superpower: Organizing and communicating. Weakness: Stressing over the little things.
A moment that’s defined you most in life? Realizing what my passions are and just going for them, even when it was nerve-wracking and scary! I love what I do!
Your go to feel good ritual? Crafting up a warm matcha latte or other warm tonics. I love getting all of the ingredients/adaptogens and nut-milk warmed up and ready. It's relaxing and rewarding - and yummy!
Your greatest passion? Makeup application, sharing tips and tricks and having fun with makeup looks!
Who do you admire most and why? My sweet mother. She is just an incredible human being. So much to learn from her. Love you mum!
Tell us something about yourself not many people know (shhhh, we can keep a secret!) I loathe traffic and especially during rain/rush hour. I can be quite aggressive on the road lol.
What keeps you awake at night? Listing the things I need to do that I forgot to do...sometimes getting up and writing them down helps. But sometimes I'm so tired and don't want to, yet still think of them haha!
You've been dubbed the friendliest influencer on Instagram. What puts a smile on your face? I love reading encouraging DM's and random e-mails from followers who have tried a product I've recommended and love it, or just simply want to say something kind. It truly makes my day. Also, most IG stories from any one of my family members make me smile.
You're known for keeping things real. What keeps you most grounded? Just knowing what'd I'd want from someone else who I look up to - realness, authenticity, integrity and an honest passion for what they do. Being with family keeps me grounded, and honestly, just being with people at events and connecting with them is grounding and so refreshing!
While blessed with many charming features. Your hair! Talk us through the pink, um and any toxin free tips for maintaining? Oh man, this was one process that wasn't super clean haha. I find that I need some sort of (extra) outlet for my craziness and creativity and I also believe in balance. My hair was one of those things that (as long as no bleach or crazy insane chemicals touched my scalp) I chose to have fun with! I use goodDYEyoung semi-permanent hair dye and it's amazing. It is vegan/cruelty-free, has some nourishing oils in it and isn't scented with crazy fragrance - just some beautiful bergamot oil! It isn't "green" by any standards but it's a bit cleaner than some!
Nanny, musician, make up artist and green beauty blogger. What's been your biggest transformation? I'd say becoming a wife, actually. Not expected, right? ;) Well, I had to learn how to really share my space, my life, everything. I've learned more about myself as a wife to my husband than many other (intense or transformational) things I've experienced down the road. I'm still transforming and learning. It's a really good thing though.
We like to think of ourselves as explorers and love to discover the unknown. What's been the biggest adventure you've been on or are yet do?
I think going to Banff was one of the biggest adventures as far as outdoorsy-ness goes for me lol! I'm not an outdoors person unless I'm at the beach or walking around a beautiful big city like NYC or Paris somewhere to shop. But, I was really surprised at how much I adored Banff and it's crisp fresh mountain air! We hiked a bit and just explored and it was amazing!
If you were a LUXE Botanics botanical, which one would you be? Probably Camu Camu Berry Extract because I love berries...haha but in all honesty, I think the fact that it's been a nutritious food source for Amazonian Indians, it's high in antioxidants and more - it appeals to me!
Thank you Sammie. You're truly an Intrepid Beauty!
Want to hear more? Find out what Sammie thought about our Kigelia line here.
Naturally yours,
The LUXE Botanics Team

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