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What is a Facial Roller?

What is a Facial Roller?
We all can agree that keeping up with the latest and greatest beauty trends is hard work! From beauty gadgets to sheet masks, essences, 10-step skincare rituals and trending #sundayfacial hashtags — the list goes on. It sure is no easy task. And on that note, say hello to crystal facial rollers.
When these started popping up (or rolling out) in the realm of beauty and appeared more and more on some of our favorite beauty bloggers’ Instagram stories and feeds, we knew we were on to something. Here at LUXE Botanics, facial rolling is an important part of our daily ritual, and when our Rose Quartz Facial Roller is paired with our Camu Collection of cleansers, mist, serums and moisturisers, the results? Well, see for yourself.
But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s go back to the basics and get crystal clear. See what we did there?  Yeah, you do. But, what the heck is facial rolling?
When we think of these ornamental minerals such as jade and rose quartz, we think of the spiritual and energetic qualities they harness. Jade is known as the stone for eternal youth and preservation while rose quartz is commonly used to wash out trapped toxic energies and emotions.
Dating back to the 17th century, facial rollers (more specifically in the form of jade) were used as a staple beauty tool amongst upper-class members of the Chinese society. Why you ask? In addition to keeping around the “good spirits,” rolling these cool stones in an upward motion on your forehead and down your neck can help combat puffiness, under-eye circles and dull-looking skin. It wasn’t until recently, this tool became a popular accessory to one’s skincare routine in the beauty world.  Nowadays, while they're imparting some good juju, they can also be used to help deflect electromagnetic radiation from our tech gadgets. Old, meet new.   
 Upon first glance, facial rollers may look a little funky but there’s a method to its quirky-sided madness. Most rollers typically have a larger stone to use on one’s cheeks and forehead and a smaller stone on the opposite end for one’s mouth and under-eye area. When applied regularly to your a.m. or p.m. beauty routine, not only does the roller motion reduce under-eye darkness but it also decreases puffiness, and helps to improve circulation through your lymph nodes and neck, also known as lymphatic drainage.
Better yet, you get a free facial massage out of it and it’s chemical-free. Winning combo.
So, are you ready to let the good times roll? Feel free to put your roller in the fridge or freezer for some extra chill in your chill time. After you’ve washed your face and applied your favorite moisturizer or serum, apply light pressure and roll in an upwards motion for full absorption. It’s better than cucumber slices, we promise.
Naturally yours,
The LUXE Botanics Team

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Luxe Botanics

Hi Rochelle. As long as you are rolling in an upwards and outwards motion to ensure skin cells best absorb product then both ways can be effective. For the best results we recommend placing your roller in the fridge beforehand for that extra cooling sensation which can help reduce puffiness and stimulate circulation. Unless you are particularly sensitive, no need to bypass the under eye area as this is one of the zones that can actually benefit most from rolling. So pleased you’re enjoying the Luxe Botanics range and if you are looking to try the roller you’ll find our Illuminate Camu Collection exclusively at Neiman Marcus. Naturally yours, The Luxe Botanics Team.

Rochelle Gilliam

Hello, I am anxious to try the face roller. Do I roll up from the neck to under my eye or bypass the under eye area? Or roll up from the neck to my face stop and roll up my nose to my forehead? Love the science and efficacy of your products. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

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