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Face Massage Benefits: Do Jade Rollers and Gua Sha Really Work?

You know when you rub your eyes or your temples when you’re tired? It somehow makes you feel better. Face massage takes that idea one step further to practising regular massage for your skin.
You’ve heard of the benefits of body massage, but is massage good for your face? There are different ways to practice daily facial massage that have the potential to improve the appearance of your skin. So what exactly does science say about the efficacy of these methods?
Here’s a look into different face massage techniques and their potential benefits for your skin.

The Benefits of DIY Facial Massage

May Help Reduce the Appearance of Scars
Massage—especially when combined with certain facial exercises such as stretching—can help [1] reduce the appearance of scars by stretching the skin and making it more flexible and smooth.  
Can Help Reduce Fatigue  
Massage can help reduce fatigue, which can revitalize your skin from looking dull or tired [2]. Need an instant pick-me-up? One of the best benefits of facial massage is that you don’t need a special tool or a special place or even a special person (outside of your gorgeous self) to do it—it can be done safely pretty much anywhere.  
Massage Can Enhance Circulation
Massage has been shown to enhance circulation (blood flow), which can support your skin in removing toxins and looking more bright and even in tone in addition to giving you a little glowing action! [3][4]
Can Improve Stress and Anxiety
Other research has shown that massage can help improve anxiety, stress and depression, all of which could contribute to premature aging and wrinkles [5].  
Massage Can Help Reduce Swelling
Ever notice that your skin is puffy, whether from lack of sleep, stress or a long day at the office? Massage can actually help reduce swelling and soreness, allowing you to experience relief from tired muscles and fatigued skin [6].   

Gua Sha Style Massage

Gua sha is an ancient East Asian healing method that involves scraping your skin using massage tools to address issues with pain, circulation and inflammation to promote healing. 
But what does science say about gua sha?
Gua sha massage has been shown to increase circulation, especially microcirculation [7]. Microcirculation is the circulation of blood through very small vessels [8]. Microcirculation plays an important role in helping the body maintain its internal balance (also known as homeostasis) and protecting against external stressors [9].
One of the tools used during gua sha is the jade roller. But what does the jade roller do? Jade tools can be used during gua sha to scrape and rub the skin to increase circulation [10].  

Facial Massage with a Cream or Oil

You can also perform a daily facial massage with cream or oil. Massage techniques using certain oils can help prevent transepidermal water loss—which we know can contribute to aging skin—and can protect the skin’s natural barrier [11].
But what is the best oil for face massage? You can use any oil or cream, but ideally, you want to use one that’s not only natural but has been proven to be beneficial and nourishing for the skin, such as marula oil, which has powerful anti-aging effects.
Facial massage alone can produce an anti-aging effect, but massage combined with anti-aging products can amplify its effect for even more benefits! [12] 

     Do Facial Rollers Really Work?

That’s the ultimate question. Does using a facial roller for a facial massage really work?  
While facial rollers such as rose quartz and jade rollers can be an important part of a skincare routine and help you conduct your daily facial massage, there’s currently not any evidence to support the benefits of facial rollers.
However, facial rollers not only feel good (especially when you use crystals!) but can make it easier to apply pressure to the skin and conduct a daily facial massage, even when you’re on-the-go! 


So when it comes to the benefits of facial massage, science shows that it can improve circulation, muscle fatigue, stress and anxiety to potentially give you healthier, more youthful-looking skin. Ultimately, the best way to go about is to try it for yourself. Many people feel more relaxed simply by the action of massaging their own face while seeing beautiful, glowing results in the morning. This can be the case for you too!
Naturally Yours, The LUXE Botanics Team














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