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2019 Beauty Trends We're Totally On Board With

2019 Beauty Trends We're Totally On Board With
Get ready—beauty is breaking new ground! In the effort to simplify our lives and take care of ourselves and the planet, we’re seeing the beauty industry embrace stronger values. From product manufacturing to the effects they have on our bodies, we’re seeing a movement toward simplicity, transparency and the creation of products that work in harmony with nature. At LUXE Botanics, we’ve picked out a few of our favourite new beauty trends for you.

Blue Beauty

“Going green” has been widespread lingo even before juice cleanses were born, but there’s a new colour in town: blue. “Going blue” [1] means going beyond green, emphasizing more than just being “environmentally friendly” (which doesn’t always necessarily mean the same thing to everyone). Going blue is all about giving back to our planet to offset existing environmental damage. Beauty brands are going blue by planting trees, donating to environmental causes, using recycled materials in their packaging and giving back to the community, to name a few. When companies go blue, you can feel good about the products you buy, knowing the company behind the brand is helping to heal the planet.


With trends like K-beauty that rose in popularity last year, skincare regimens can get overwhelming. From serums and lotions to acids and peptides, the list can get lengthy, and let’s face it, there’s only so much counter space! Now, people want to streamline their beauty routines and limit the number of ingredients we use on our skin. With a new minimalistic [2] approach to skincare, multipurpose products are appearing. Fewer, more effective ingredients and less packaging waste is the new “more.”

The Microbiome 

We know the importance of keeping the bacteria in our digestive systems balanced, but what about on our skin? The skin is the largest organ in the body—and its surface is teeming with friendly bacteria, viruses and fungi. This naturally protective, delicately balanced ecosystem is our skin’s microbiome [3]. Daily scrubbing and the use of soaps and abrasive ingredients can disrupt this balance, robbing the skin of its natural protection. We’re now seeing a rise in skincare formulas that contain probiotics [4] to help skin stay balanced and maintain its natural health and beauty, ultimately leading to the truly glowing complexion we all crave.

Formulation transparency 

Environmentally conscious, health-minded consumers want to know the ingredients in their beauty products and how they were obtained. Companies have traditionally maintained some secrecy in their product formulations, but they’re now balancing it with the consumer’s right to know what they are putting on their body. Companies are researching their supply chains and providing consumers with more information about what goes into their products. This formulation transparency [5] is another trend we love.

Skin-healing solutions

Let’s be real: beauty products often focus on concealing flaws rather than eliminating them. Today we’re seeing more bona fide skin-nourishing products with healing [6] ingredients to help ease inflammation, smooth fine lines [7], even out skin tone and calm damage done by sun and pollution. The health-savvy consumers of today want more than to just cover up their skin’s flaws—they want to fix them.

Consumers are on a journey of exploration

At last! New, innovative brands still under the radar are catching consumers’ eyes in their quest to find the newest, most effective products with both health and beauty benefits. With unique stories and compelling missions behind them, indie brands are now sought after—as first choice. That’s because people are looking for authenticity, simplicity, sustainability and effectiveness in their skin care.
With trends like these, we have more choices, knowledge and control than ever before over what we use on our skin. There is new purpose toward protecting and healing our planet and ourselves. These values, along with advancements in scientific knowledge, simplification and transparency for the consumer, mean that we now have access to the best skincare products ever seen. Now that’s a trend worth exploring.
Naturally yours,
The LUXE Botanics Team

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