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How to Make Your Own Natural, Alcohol based, Home Made Sanitizer

How to Make Your Own Natural, Alcohol based, Home Made Sanitizer

As a natural skincare brand known for our transformative botanicals rooted in science, I have been noticing of late a rise in misinformation about personal hygiene with a lack of verified facts. As a scientist myself, I feel compelled to share some useful tips for keeping safe.

With hand sanitizer flying off the shelves, there have been a number of DIY recipes circulating, many of which do not contain proven ingredients to kill viruses. Discover our recipe for making your own alcohol based hand sanitizer that won't leave your hands feeling dry.

Remember, there is no substitute for alcohol for effectively killing germs!

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  1. Always use at least 60% alcohol per the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines (my preference is isopropyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol at 99%. Check the labels as some are diluted already). Once again. There is no substitute for pure alcohol. 

  2. You can add in anything else you want - purified water, glycerin, aloe vera juice or gel. I suggest aloe vera gel as it’s easy to find and helps to soothe skin against the drying effects of alcohol. Just read the label - many “99% aloe vera” gels are a mixture of many other things, often parabens, glycols, polysorbates and phenoxyethanol.  

  3. Essential oils are a great addition, but for scent purposes only. They do not have any clinically proven antibacterial or antiviral benefit, especially at such minuscule concentrations. 


  1.  45ml/ 1.5 fl oz Pure alcohol (isopropyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol) 

  2. 15ml/ 0.5 fl oz Kigelia Corrective Moisturiser  

Mix together in a clean Camu Brightening Mist bottle and spritz on hands as often as needed.


After washing our hands constantly and using hand sanitizer multiple times a day, skin can start to feel dry, irritated or flaky. We've been using our Kigelia Corrective Moisturiser to soothe and repair sensitized skin.

A fruit native to Southern  Africa, Kigelia possesses natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties with average antibacterial activity relative to the antibiotic ciprofloxacin (Asian Journal of Plant Science and Research 2015).

Sharing this self-care ritual with our community, we'll be giving away a free Kigelia Corrective Moisturiser mini with every LUXE purchase.


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