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How Your LUXE Botanics Glow Empowers Rural Women All Over the World

There’s a “day” for everything, including National Donut Day, National Best Friends Day and even National Create A Vacuum Day (seriously, it’s on February 4). There are some we can support and others that just leave us stumped, but there’s definitely one we can get behind with full hearts and bona-fide excitement: International Day of Rural Women, on October 15.


Without rural women, the beautiful formulas we create to transform your skin would not be at all possible.
Established by the United Nations, International Day of Rural Women recognizes the essential role of women—with a special nod to those in developing countries—in agricultural and rural development.
According to the UN, rural women comprise about 43% of the agricultural labor force and “depend largely on natural resources and agriculture for their livelihood and the livelihood of others.” Part of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals is to uplift rural women’s access to productive agricultural resources as one strategy to decrease world hunger and poverty.
In that spirit, we wanted to share with you how we play a role, however small, in assisting the rural women of our world—and how you, by choosing LUXE Botanics as your skin savior—are helping to contribute to our circle of giving back.
And while we’re paying tribute this week to the rural women who play an imperative role in the creation of every bottle of LUXE Botanics, we dedicate each and every day to them by boosting economic empowerment while giving back to the Buy1Give1 (B1G1) program.
Here’s how each product range makes a direct impact—on your skin and for the rural women of the world:

Kigelia Range: Clear Skin, Enlightened Minds

Our Kigelia africana is organically grown and hand-picked by the local community in Malawi. Certified Organic by the Soil Association UK, our Kigelia africana extract enables the managing organization to utilize profits to plant new Kigelia trees (or for other community enhancement projects).
Kigelia extract helps tackle blemishes, while calming and firming skin, thanks to the fruit’s extraordinary antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and reparative properties. The extract is an unparalleled alternative to harsh blemish treatments because of its gentle, yet powerful, clarifying effect.
Through the B1G1 program, every time you purchase a Kigelia product, you help the Microloan Foundation Australia provide a day of business training for one woman. The course offers relevant financial literacy skills and ultimately empowers her to support her family.
So far, we’ve sent over 1000 women to business training.
Buy1Give1 Give a Woman Business Training with Luxe Botanics
**Image credit to Buy1Give1. 

Camu Range: Brighter Skin, Nourished Bellies

Our Camu Camu is organically grown and hand-picked by the local community in Brazil.
Camu Camu is best known for its antioxidant powers (it contains more Vitamin C than acai!). Its rich vitamin content makes the plant a godsend for dull, aging skin, as it helps lighten spots, even skin tone and impart a luminosity that radiates a youthful vibrancy.
Through the B1G1 program, every Camu Camu purchase helps New Ways to provide a nutritious meal to an Ethiopian nursery school child for one day.
To date, we’ve provided over 1500 meals to a nursery child in Ethiopia. 

Marula Range: Youthful Skin, Enriched Minds

Our Marula oil is wild-harvested and processed by the local Maasai women in Kenya. This provides these women with an independent source of income, which gives them the means for sustainable livelihood.
We call Marula oil our “overachiever” since it addresses practically everything, including  the visible signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, sagging and natural moisture.
Through the B1G1 program, purchasing a Marula product helps New Ways cover costs for all the necessary educational materials such as books, uniforms and shoes.
As of today, you’ve helped us provide over 1000 days of education to a child in Kenya.
We’re grateful for days like the International Day of Rural Women, which remind us to step back and acknowledge all the human beings that contribute to the beauty of our daily lives. By investing in healthy skin, you support the communities that provide us with the most nourishing elements of nature as well as the women, children and communities who need our help. Thank you for being a part of it.
Naturally yours
The LUXE Botanics Team

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