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The Intrepid Beauty Series: Meet Beverly Fink

*Header image supplied by Beverly Fink 

The Secret Diary of an Intrepid Beauty

At the dawn of the supermodel there was Beverly Fink, make-up artist to the stars.
With a collective 40 years in TV, print and 36 magazine covers under her belt, Beverly is synonymous with the likes Cindy Crawford, Niki Taylor and Claudia Schiffer to name a few.
Her career reads like a fashion week fairytale, full of the glitz and glamour one would expect, but in 2010 after decades of working in the industry, Beverly was diagnosed with chronic autoimmune and inflammatory condition. She puts this down to her hectic work lifestyle and the effects of being exposed to excessive amounts of personal care products over the years.
Now at the tender age of 73 (and the looks of a woman 20 years younger) life is just beginning where Beverly has evolved into an educator of clean beauty, a consultant for the terminally ill and continues her work as green makeup artist to help women make better, healthier choices.
Introducing to you the formidable Beverly Fink….
What one word best describes you? I asked a dear dear friend to describe me in one word, she said “Inspiring” - I liked it and am going with it!
What’s your superpower? And your weakness? (because we’re all human) Perfectionism; It’s my superhuman power because it drives me to continue to push, grow, expand … but it can double as my weakness too, because it causes me to have very high expectations, especially of myself and others. No one is Perfect!  So I do suffer with this
A moment that has defined you most in life? My renaissance as a person, through transitions in my personal life, health challenges, and new directions in my career, they have all lead me to reinventing myself and putting focus on helping others and myself.  Whether it be through spiritual quotes I’m feeling from my heart, expressing the importance of having a healthier lifestyle, meditation, a plant based diet and trying to stay strong.
Your go to feel good ritual? Sound bowl and gong healing Meditation with Luchi Estevez. The vibrational energy helps me mentally, physically and to be more centered in Love.
Your greatest passion? It was fashion at one time. I lived for it. However, now it’s extending love, positivity and smiles to people I meet everyday and a kind word that will brighten someone’s day. I get high on happiness.
Who do you admire most and why? Audrey Hepburn. I loved her movies as a teen especially Breakfast at Tiffany’s. She was very influential to me. To see how Audrey grew older gracefully, privately with her family away from the limelight. Not to mention being a Humanitarian, and an icon for style.
Tell us something about yourself not many people know I am confident and yet insecure … I am a blend of both.
What keeps you awake at night? Social media keeps me up way past my bedtime.
In the past you’ve said, ‘If I can save one woman from going through the health issues I’ve been through, it’s worth it’, and you now work with women who have breast cancer. Tell us more about this and the positive impact you’ve seen on these women? I work with women with breast cancer, helping them feel beautiful and good about themselves by teaching and demonstrating makeup lessons and tips so they can make healthier choices with non toxic beauty. I also have life changing health issues so I must concentrate on myself to have some quality of life. It is a full time job now to take care of myself with many chronic illnesses, and trying to look the best I can.
You look incredible. A true testament to looking and feeling as good as you can every day. What's working for you? Thank you! What works for me is alkaline water, great organic skincare, a plant-based diet,  lots of yummy serums to make my dry skin glow and rehydrate. Cleansing before bed no matter how tired I feel … and my meditations.
In your career heyday green beauty didn’t exist. Are you seeing perceptions change and green beauty looks being increasingly curated on the catwalk? To be honest not as much on the catwalk because you need stronger pigmented makeup and there are only a handful that I know of that have color lines made for runway. But behind the scenes you are hearing of more and more runway models who are most conscious of what is being put on their skin and wanting healthier options. Clothes and makeup in general are getting more sustainable, but we still have a way to go!  The attention and intention is there and evolving.
Makeup artist, brand ambassador, green beauty advocate and now consultant for terminally ill women. What's been your biggest transformation? Each of them of been equally transformative. All these colorful, moving and humbling chapters have left ever-lasting impressions into the blueprint of my life. Being a woman in the fashion and make-up industry back in the 80’s and 90’s was exhilarating, powerful and glamorous. But incredibly hard work. It was a very jet-set lifestyle one in which I got to experience major accomplishments in my profession and meet some of my favorite icons in fashion and photography, but there comes a time when you want more quality of life, not so much quantity. After taking time off to care for my mother, many changes happened in my life, a refocus of what was most important. I gained patience and inner strength.
We like to think of ourselves as explorers and love to discover the unknown. What's been the biggest adventure you've been on or are yet do? I have wonderful memories of Europe. Something that stands out specifically is when my parents took me to the Canadian Rockies in my 30s and they said "someday you will thank us", and I do now, even though I’m a city girl.  For my next adventure I would love a spiritual retreat.
If you were a LUXE Botanics botanical, which one would you be? Marula oil! It works well with my dry sensitive skin and also helps with my inflammation. I also like my skin to be plump with a serious glow.
Thanks for brightening our day Beverly. Mission accomplished!
Naturally yours,
The LUXE Botanics Team

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Great interview.
Beverly is helping me a lot on my Instagram account @50plushappy. She is a great support and I am very happy that I had the chance to ‘meet’ this inspiring lady.

joan mcelligott

Beverly is an inspiration to all that know her

Elissa Tobin

I have known Bev since our teenage years. I always admired her honesty and the love she projects to the people who are worthy of her presence. She will be a true asset to Luxe Botanics. With her true passion, she will always excel in anything she is involved with. Beverly has an addictive personality and just love being in her presence.

Zena Friedman

I am in awww with Beverly Fink’s! We were in beauty school together back in the day, Bevery has always been ahead of the times! She has always been someone that I have respected in all areas of life, when talking makeup, it’s always what would Beverly think & would she approve? Now as Beverly has evolved Spritually, emotionally & still in the forefront of fashion she is admired even more. Thank you for opening up & sharing your now quiet world.


Terrific and inspiring interview.

Joan Branciforte

Beverly you are so Beautiful inside and out.

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