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5 Skincare Tips That Actually Work

5 Skincare Tips That Actually Work
Although there are hundreds of skincare tips you can follow, achieving and maintaining a vibrant complexion really comes down to a few essential steps: cleanse, treat, moisturise and protect. But there are certain techniques I’ve learned over the years and kept in mind when designing LUXE Botanics, which can help you take your skin to the next level. Here are my five tips to for healthy, radiant skin:

1. Cleanse, but Twice

A double-cleansing routine is arguably the most under-recognized and under-appreciated step of any good skincare ritual. Although it might seem unnecessary, double cleansing is a very effective two-step cleansing method used to dissolve makeup, dirt, debris, and pollutants. This ensures a deep, thorough cleanse that’s both effective and satisfying—without stripping or damaging the skin's natural lipid barrier.
Simply start with an oil-based pre-cleansing step. A pre-cleanser is essentially a makeup remover. Why oil? Oil absorbs oil because two liquids need to have similar “dipoles” to mix with each other. (Dipoles are like magnets, with positively and negatively charged ends, and liquids with similar dipoles dissolve more easily into each other. [1]). So, your cleansing oil will actually help lift away grime and oil-based makeup with ease, preventing you from damaging skin by abrasively trying to remove impurities. Another plus is that oils are more hydrating and won’t dry your skin out, leaving your skin in its most naturally healthy state possible. Perfect for those cold winter months when skin needs all the hydration it can get.
LUXE Tip: By adding a muslin cloth or konjac sponge to my routine, this helps to wipe the grime off my face in the most satisfying way. Applying in an upward and outward motion also really helps to get under those follicles.
Once that oily muck is history, move onto your regular cream cleanser, allowing the beneficial ingredients to be able to infuse and work deeper into the skin.
2. Don’t Skip Your Mist
A post-cleanse mist might seem like another extra skincare step (considering your skin is already damp from rinsing), but a high-performance mist or toner not only delivers essential nutrients to your skin, it’s also the perfect primer to prep skin for optimum serum absorption. [2]
On top of that, misting can help keep your hydration levels up. In fact, researchers in Japan recently published a study in Skin Research and Technology testing this theory and found that misting skin with fine particles (yes, size does matter!) dramatically improves transepidermal water retention and elasticity. [3] Non charged (i.e. without the use of steaming equipment), fine water particles with a diameter smaller than the intercellular spaces of the outermost layer of the skin, allow particles to permeate the epidermal layer to the dermal layer more effectively. Not only that, but after misting skin with super fine particles, water retention remains constant for 6 hours after.

3. Layer Your Serums

Serums are a very efficient way to deliver active ingredients into your skin to target specific skin concerns.
They are particularly potent since they’re highly concentrated—more than moisturizers, mists, masks or any other part of your skincare ritual. What’s more, the molecules in serum are extra small, so they can absorb into the skin more easily to get the job done. [4]
Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and it’s very complex. It’s constantly adapting to internal and external changes. It may need extra moisture one day and an extra antioxidant boost on another. This is why you shouldn’t be afraid to layer your serums. It will allow you to treat multiple skin concerns at the same time.
When layering, be sure to start with your most aqueous serum and end with your heaviest oils to maximize absorption.
4. Seal in all the goodness
Moisturising is a step that seals in the benefits of a targeted skincare routine. Without it, your skin cannot efficiently maintain its hydration or “lock in” the beneficial ingredients in your serums.
Moisturisers work by supplying the skin with water and then holding it in with an oil based substance. [5] Don’t skip this skin-sealing step to prepare your skin for the day ahead.

5. Wear SPF Rain or Shine

A final essential step in your skincare routine is to use a good sunscreen every day.
Ultraviolet rays from the sun are the number-one cause of skin damage and premature skin aging, so sunscreen is your best defense, and it’s not just for beaches anymore. Your every day (or incidental) damage from these rays builds up over time. Think about it. Let’s say you take a five-minute stroll to the mailbox six days a week. Over one year, that’s 26 hours!
Also, keep in mind although UVB rays are “stopped” by glass, the deeper penetrating UVA rays can pass right through it, so sitting at a desk all day near a bright window also calls for some SPF protection. [6]
Always wear at least SPF 30, and choose a marine friendly, non-nanoparticle formulation to avoid polluting the environment and harming our animal friends.
All these fundamental skincare tips may require just an extra bit of effort on your part, but you’ll see a difference — and reap the benefits for years to come.
Naturally yours,
The LUXE Botanics Team

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