At Luxe Botanics we believe in giving back to the communities that harvest and process our core botanicals.
We are proud to be a part of a global business community that’s creating inspiring, positive change in our world through its philosophy of Buy1Give1. It means that every time you purchase a product from Luxe Botanics you help us support communities in Africa and South America. For more information you can visit


When you purchase a Marula product a school child in Kenya will receive books, a school uniform and shoes.

You will help New Ways groom a child in Kenya to become a well-educated and responsible adult by covering costs for all the necessary educational materials such as books, uniforms and shoes. The provision of these materials encourages these children to attend school more regularly and incentivizes them to focus better during lessons, making a positive impact on their academic achievement.

When you purchase a Camu product a nursery school child in Ethiopia will receive a nutritious meal.

You will help New Ways to provide a nutritious meal to an Ethiopian nursery school child for one day. What a child eats today will have a lasting impact on his or her physical and mental health, helping them to feel good about themselves, do well academically at school and grow into healthy adults.

When you purchase a Kigelia product a woman in Malawi will receive 1 day of business training.

You will help the Microloan Foundation Australia to invest in the future of an impoverished woman and her family in Malawi and her family by providing her with a 1 day business training course. This course will help her to establish and maintain her business through giving her relevant financial literacy skills, ultimately enabling her to support her family and contribute to their livelihood.

When you purchase a Discovery Kit a school child in Kenya will receive textbooks.

You will help So They Can provide textbooks and exercise books to a child in Kenya. Books are the window to the world and every book donated will go a long way to expanding each child’s horizon. This will help them to develop into well-educated and responsible adults that can make a contribution to Kenya’s future.