Green Innovation

LUXE Botanics looks after the earth by using only certified organic, wild harvested, natural and naturally derived ingredients.

Powered by leading edge green technology all our formulations are vegan, cruelty free, ethically derived and sustainably sourced ensuring our products provide targeted solutions for your skin that are safe for all skin types.


Our Formulation Standards

Our products are manufactured in the USA and comply with the most stringent international standards.

A Note on Citrus Oils

LUXE Botanics has included specific citrus essential oils for their undeniable skin benefits and synergy with other natural ingredients in our formulas. We understand citrus oils are known to cause photosensitivity in skin. While this may be the case in larger amounts, all Luxe Botanics products contain essential oils in concentrations of <0.4%, which is significantly lower than the International Fragrance Association’s recommendations, which suggest photosensitivity concerns in concentrations that range up to 4% of the entire formula.