At Luxe Botanics we believe in transparency. It’s with this in mind that we want to share with you all the materials we use in our packaging to encourage better recycling practices.

Packaging Table Packaging Table

Luxe Botanics recycling tips

Wash your containers as best you can before you put them in the recycling

Separate the various parts of each container and place into the appropriate recycling bin

For the moisturiser tubes:

  • Cut the shoulder away from the tube body
  • Separate the silver membrane from the tube mouth
  • Unscrew the white cap
  • The tube body can be recycled if your local council can separate the layers – we advise contacting them for advice

The above information does not take into account or substitute your local recycling rules and regulations. Please contact your local recycling provider for more information.


Our Pact to You

As an honest beauty brand, we encourage feedback at all times and continually look for ways we can improve our sustainability footprint further. Please contact us at with your ideas or for more information.